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The OSS Association (Open Security Standards Association) is a non-profit organization. It is an open industry forum for the promotion and development of global standards for access control systems. The work within the OSS Association is conducted by and through its members in various committees and working groups

OSS-Association e.V. (Open Security Standards Association)

As associate member of The OSS Association, Amadeo Systems battery powered locks can be integrated with other systems using the OSS Standard offline protocol.

Our battery-powered locks fits the mortise standards: Scandinavian SIS, EURO, DIN and ANSI.

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The general goals of the OSS-Association e.V. (Open Security Standards Association) are the development, communication and marketing of standardized protocols, components and encoding within the security market and the associated security-related hardware and software.



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    Standard Offline Access Application

    There are many different off-line electronic locks. They are not connected by a cable to an access control system, but function autonomously and are powered by a battery.
    The access rights are read from the card and the lock will remain unlocked or locked accordingly. These rights are written to the card by the system but each manufacturer has its own approach. Thanks to the OSS Standard Offline standards, locks of different brands can read the same access rights of the card and interpret it in the same way.

    Access rights on the card

    Unlike off-line locks the access rights for online locks are stored in the database of an access control system . As a result, they can be programmed flexibly. The OSS Standard Offline file on the card is specified in such a way that this flexibility is largely maintained. This way it is possible, regardless of the memory on the card to assign many different access rights. These access rights are respectively rewritten to the card when the card is held to a online reader with “Updater” function.

    Feedback of events

    Even with off-line locks, it is possible to report various events to an administrator. As a result, he has not only control over online doors, but also over those who are managed off-line. If a card is held to the reader of an off-line lock, information from the lock is written onto the card. This information is transported to the database of the access control system when that same card is held in front of an online reader (updater).


    An important advantage of off-line locks is that they even function reliably in a system in case of power failure. The access rights are stored on the card so that card-based access is granted or not granted. If a card is lost with valid access rights, the card number can be transported through other cards or a programmer into the “Black List” of off-line locks. Alternatively, the cards used have a limited validity period so that security is completely guaranteed at a card loss after this period.

    System size

    The card structure is designed so that one person can be programmed with numerous access rights . Larger systems can be divided into “sites”, where new access rights are written to the card for each “site”. In this way, a many locks can be accommodated in the system.

    The OSS Standard Offline file on the map

    The file on the card plays a central role in the OSS Standard Offline standard. The information is written according to the OSS Standard Offline standard on the card and read from it. For each option OSS Standard Offline can be expanded to include additional files. The file size is specified in the OSS Standard Offline file and the lock will know if and how much information should be read.

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