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“The best technology solutions, must provide the best usability”

The goal with mobile keys is and has always been to make the best guest experience and convenience. However also to achieve more efficient operation and minimize use and the cost of lost key cards. To achieve that, the solution offered for entering rooms and related areas, must be trouble-free!


MySkyAccess is AMADEO’s mobile key that works on all smartphones regardless of brand, as well as any other devices with internet connection. All that’s required is internet connection through 4G or wifi.

MySkyAccess is designed to avoid the challenges users experience when they want to use their mobile phone as the “key”. MySkyAccess works on all type of doors either it’s elevators, garages, meeting rooms etc.

Amadeo MySkyAccess API offers two-way communication and can be fully integrated with other third party systems.


AMADEO MySkyAccess

Works for all internet-connected devices, without having to install any kind of APP. Therefore the solution avoids all the known challenges related to prepare the smartphone to become the key. MySkyAccess is based on AES 256bit encryption and uses Amadeo’s own cloud security token. The result is a simple 4-click solution to open any door for the first time. MySkyAccess connects all the doors to Amadeo Integra Cloud, giving the property operator 100% control in real time. MySkyAccess offers two-way communication and API for interaction with all other web-based applications.

MySkyAccess is the next raised level of hospitality standards for automation and efficiency.

Guest experience

The guest books their stay online.

  • The PMS system assigns an available room and informs AMADEO through the WEB API to dispatch a key accordingly.
  • Together with the booking confirmation/welcome message sent to the guest by email, SMS etc.
  • The mobile key follows automatically.

Due to AMADEO CLOUD two-way communication, the issuer of the mobile key, in this case a hotel, will through the Integra Cloud Portal, have full control and be sure that the guest actually has received and completed the necessary steps. Due to all the information AMADEO cloud provides to the system operator, there is virtually no limitation for automated responses and follow-ups that can be performed. AMADEO cloud is a 100% online solution providing real time information, with no delays.

Everything developed and designed to make sure that the guest stay and hotel experience, are as comfortable and user friendly as possible.

Simple 4-clicks and the door received the command to open.



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    • World’s first MobileKey application without an iOS or Android app
    • Open your door with all devices using the Internet browser
    • No BLE pairing necessary
    • No download of an app necessary
    • Self-explanatory and intuitive
    • Open any door with just 4 clicks

    Good people. Good words. Our solutions cover your needs.

    The access solution from AMADEO works very well in our hotel. The system is very reliable and easy for our guests. The installation went efficiently and smoothly. Very good support with a fast response, and good and simple solutions if we have any challenges.

    • Kristian Talmo Daglig leder, Scandic Leknes Lofoten

    AMADEO was able to meet the high technological and mechanical demands of our huge facility and reliably secure every door.

    • Job Nooittgedagt ILC Construction AS, Oslofjord Convention Centre

    Amadeo Nordic does an excellent job of following up on the projects and assisting with their cutting-edge expertise.

    • Henrik Espegard Anleggsleder elektro, ILC Construction AS

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