On Door Check-In

No reception necessary

On door check-in means basically that there is no need for an encoder reception at the hotel. The guest can simply check-in with any mifare card directly on the lock. Either it’s on the room or the main entrance at the building. Every AMADEO wall reader or door lock with this function activated, reads and writes the access directly on to the card without any pre-encoding or registration. Making it an ideal solution to bring the hotel chain loyalty program to another level.

Integrate your PMS system with AMADEO cloud and give regular guests, members or tenants fixed cards or keyfobs, which automatically become valid according to their reservation. With this patented solution from AMADEO, all guests can enjoy the convenience of going straight to their rooms with a card or fob and the hotel is notified the same moment of the guest arrival.

What is AMADEO On door check-in?

The AMADEO On door check-in, allows all types of MIFARE card or keyfobs to be programmed direcly, on any of the locks at the facility. Guest card, membership card, staff card etc. get the information enoded from the lock, without having to go to a reception. Every single AMADEO online lock acts as a system encoder.

Integrated with booking systems through our WEB API for automatic assignment of access, or can be performed manually trough AMADEO Integra cloud upon reception of reservation.


Work flow PMS Integrated:

  1. John Smith (regular guest) logs in to his profile at the hotel / hotel chain web site.
  2. PMS integrated with AMADEO INTEGRA, combined with membership ID knowing that John smith has card no: 1234567890
  3. After completing their reservation, the booking system notifies AMADEO Integra of the access needed to be granted.
  4. Upon arrival John Smith’s “VIP” key already works. Giving him access to parking, elevator, fitness center, room etc during the entire stay.
  5. If John Smith needs to expand his stay, he repeats the process and he is notified if he is able to keep the same room or which room he must move to and when.


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    AMADEO On Door Check-In

    • Fully integrated with the booking system

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    The access solution from AMADEO works very well in our hotel. The system is very reliable and easy for our guests. The installation went efficiently and smoothly. Very good support with a fast response, and good and simple solutions if we have any challenges.

    • Kristian Talmo Daglig leder, Scandic Leknes Lofoten

    AMADEO was able to meet the high technological and mechanical demands of our huge facility and reliably secure every door.

    • Job Nooittgedagt ILC Construction AS, Oslofjord Convention Centre

    Amadeo Nordic does an excellent job of following up on the projects and assisting with their cutting-edge expertise.

    • Henrik Espegard Anleggsleder elektro, ILC Construction AS

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