Health Sector

Fokus på sikkerhet, fleksibilitet og integrasjoner gjennom AMADEO Cloud med annet system for jevn drift.

Health Sector In the health sector, it is important to be able to cancel or provide quick access to different places or departments, at different times. AMADEO offers not only safe, simple and practical solutions for permanent or external employees, patients and visitors, but also door levers made of material that reduce risk of smear infection. AMADEO Integra Cloud is designed for high traffic of data, users and door passages.Whether it is elevators, gates, common doors or parking garages. Operated with non-contact cards, chips or mobile phones. AMADEO is an "all in one" solution, where all functions are integrated in the electronics and which can then always be adapted via software as needed.


Wall Reader

Card reader for summoning elevators, controll specific areas or door with high traffic. Wired or wireless online control.

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Electronic Locks

Regardless of door and application, AMADEO provides electronic lock and technology for all sectors.

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On Door Check-In

Unique service and solution grating access to members and regulars, without having them to stopp by the reception.

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Cloud Software

Be efficient, modern, userfriendly and secure! Control all your properties, integrations and security in one plattform.

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    Amadeo Nordic does an excellent job of following up on the projects and assisting with their cutting-edge expertise.

    • Henrik Espegard Anleggsleder elektro, ILC Construction AS

    The access solution from AMADEO works very well in our hotel. The system is very reliable and easy for our guests. The installation went efficiently and smoothly. Very good support with a fast response, and good and simple solutions if we have any challenges.

    • Kristian Talmo Daglig leder, Scandic Leknes Lofoten

    AMADEO was able to meet the high technological and mechanical demands of our huge facility and reliably secure every door.

    • Job Nooittgedagt ILC Construction AS, Oslofjord Convention Centre