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According to the German Robert Koch Institute, an infection with Covid-19 via contaminated surfaces is considered possible. US virologists have shown in tests that the novel pathogen Sars-CoV-2 can remain on plastic and stainless steel for up to three days. The Austrian company Amadeo Systems GmbH, developer and supplier of smart access solutions, has developed a door handle which, thanks to oligodynamics, a new coating procedure and the right choice of material, should drastically reduce the risk of smear infection.

Vienna. April 2020. with the touch of a door lever, you inevitably leave bacteria and viruses behind. The next person who touches it absorbs these pathogens through the skin. An unconscious grip on the face and in all probability the infection has already occurred. To eliminate this scenario in the first place, Michael Makivic, founder and owner of the Austrian company Amadeo Systems, has developed a new process that leaves germs and viruses no chance of surviving on the surface.

Oligodynamics is an effect known for over 150 years and describes the damaging effect of metal ions on various pathogenic agents such as bacteria, viruses and fungi. “We have developed a process that uses the effect of oligodynamics. This enables us to create a harder surface for the AMADEO door handle ULC that is free of porous areas, can withstand the demands of everyday life and has a higher antiseptic effect,” explains Makivic. All visible parts of the handle, which is cast in stainless steel, make use of this effect by manufacturing the raw material of the handle from special oligodynamic metals. This is intended to completely prevent the growth of bacteria on the surface. According to Makivic, Amadeo’s new material is many times harder than lacquers or other coatings with which doorknobs have been equipped antibacterially to date.

Door handles with better hygienic properties are needed above all in hospitals, hotels, schools and public buildings and could reduce the risk of infection for patients, employees, guests and visitors in the long term. “However, the best way to avoid a smear infection is and remains touchless access,” says Makivic. For example, the Amadeo lever handle ULC in combination with the Amadeo i-Lock system opens doors for authorised persons autonomously/automatically using an NFC sensor.

In the next step, Amadeo Systems is striving to have the effect of the newly developed method proven by an independent institute. When asked about the exact composition of the new material from Amadeo, Makivic explains: “This remains our corporate secret”.





AMADEO opener ULC: suggested retail price 139€
AMADEO i-LOCK incl. opener ULC: suggested retail price 499€


The lever handle is available in the exclusive ULC shape, under service class 4, all visible parts are polished and made of high-quality stainless steel, the handle is cast and polished in high alloy stainless steel and the surfaces are treated with the highest possible antiseptic effect (oligodynamic).

Dimensions of the handle: 22mmx144mmX60mm solid cast iron

Escutcheon rotationally fixed and spring-loaded: DM52 mmx10,9 cast stainless steel with clip-on stainless steel lid.

The mounting is conventional and standardized by 2 pieces M5 Torx screws in 38 mm distance and 8 mm square

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About AMADEO Systems

AMADEO Systems GmbH, with its headquarters in Vienna, Austria, was founded in 2014 by Michael Makivic and is a developer and provider of digital access solutions. The Austrian company is active in 28 countries worldwide and can rely on a network of over 2,000 customers. Since the beginning of 2019, Parim Sylejmani, who was a senior employee at AMADEO for many years, has been the managing director. After its foundation, AMADEO quickly established itself as one of the most advanced providers of access control solutions worldwide and is the preferred supplier of numerous renowned hotel groups. The production site is located in Tribuswinkel, Lower Austria.

AMADEO’s latest product, the i-KNOB, stands out from the competition by offering a digital locking system that works without a battery and is therefore 100 per cent fail-safe in wet, heat, cold or other environmental conditions. The multiple patented system works without batteries and is energy self-sufficient, i.e. it is fed by ambient energy and with the AMADEO 3DS system also offers a mechanical alternative opening. After successfully establishing itself in the B2B business in Europe, with the focus on the upscale hotel industry, universities and hospitals, AMADEO 2020 is expanding in the world markets USA and MENA. The new products from 2020 will thus cover the B2C market in the private sector and offer access solutions for homes and offices at the highest level of security.

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