AMADEO Freeflex – Sectech Norway 09-10.03.22

Come see world first binary coded cylinder and keys – AMADEO Freeflex.

Wednesday March 9th, Sectech Lillestrøm opens its doors. Sectech is a trade show focusing on security, access control and safety technology. At stand A530 you will find AMADEO Nordic and our latest contribution to the industry access control industry. This is our first trade show in Norway and we look forward to showcase our latest technology in both mechanical and electronic locks.


AMADEO Systems Nordic will be showing its latest technology within locks and access control, at stand A530. Not only will you be able to see world first binary coded cylinder, but you might also win something… Come see us!


The AMADEO FreeFlex 3DS System

This is a revolutionary product which completely sets aside how the conventional method of setting up a mechanical locking system.

With binary coded keys and cylinders there is no longer need for a traditional static locking plan.


The binary key:

The disc innovation:


AMADEO 3DS is the world’s first binary coded mechanical locking system. Instead of using traditional pins in the cylinder, AMADEO 3DS contains 12 discs of 3 different types with 8 characteristics each. This results in binary coding known from electronic lock encryption and produces 12 x 8 = 96-bit encryption. AMADEO 3DS is the world’s first and only mechanical lock with this type of safety and construction.

The unique wavy key of the AMADEO 3DS is reversible and can be used independent of the “up or down” of the key. Due to the 79 quadrillion unique combinations, none of the cylinders or keys produced and delivered will be the same, ever. The design and manufacture of the locking systems is calculated and produced based on AMADEO Integra’s algorithm, which ensures that all our customers get AMADEO FreeFlex. This means that with AMADEO 3DS there is no need for a fixed premade locking plan, or key types needed to be specified. In AMADEO integra cloud, the owner of the cylinder or key has a complete overview of doors, padlocks, cabinets etc. that they have access to.


Negative key sensing

The AMADEO 3DS system integrates world’s first negative query. The designated negative discs ensure that subordinate keys cannot be turned into superior keys by modification (drilling, milling, cutting).

Side scan

Due to spring-less use, the discs roll over the core’s curve and scan the key sideways, with very little shearing. Therefore, Keys can be used long-term for very frequently used doors without abrasion of the key or widening of the key canal (for example: central locking systems).

Highest quality

Due to the use of disks in the cylinder rather than pins, the entire AMADEO 3DS cylinder is made of SS316, also known as hardened acid-resistant steel. This makes the durability of the cylinder surpass anything else that uses softer standard materials, such as brass. The spring-loaded discs; positive, negative and unique to the profile, slides over the key virtually without resistance and wear (SS316), thus preventing the key from being worn or widening of the key canal over time.

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We hope to see you at stand A530

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