AMADEO 3DS – 100% mechanical cylinder without the need of locking plan!

Thanks to the amazing R&D team and decades of mechanical engineer experience, AMADEO can proudly present the most powerful mechanical locking system in the world.


How come?

With 79 228 162 514 264 337 593 543 950 336 (more than 79 Octillion) unique keys all “counted for” and controlled by the software AMADEO INTEGRA. This allows the user to simply install the locks necessary and create a single key without worrying about conflict in the locking plan or having other keys out there, that would fit their cylinder.

But how?

The innovation is Binary encoded cylinder: AMADEO 3DS

AMADEO 3DS System used 12 discs, instead of pins known from other cylinders in the market. This results in a binary encoding of 12 x 8 = 96 bit encryption. Like for internet, networks and data protections, 128 bit encryption (AES) is currently state-of-the-art. This makes every cylinder ever produced, unique.

With 96bit AMADEO 3DS becomes unique innovation the mechanical locking systems. Decoding a a key using known commercial mainframe is not possible in less than 5000 years = 79 228 162 514 264 337 593 543 950 336 unique keys.

To give some sense of much 79 Octillion is, all 2,7 mm thick keys stacked as a tower would result in a height of  198 070 406 285 661 000 000 000 kilometres… That’s more than 1,3 quadrillion times the distance between the earth and the sun. Traveling the in speed of light, to cover that distance would take over 20 billion years.


Ultimate protection

AMADEO 3DS cylinder gives ultimate protection.

  1. The whole cylinder and all it’s parts, barrell, discs and housing is made in 100% SS316 stainless steel. This makes is basically impossible to to drill. This also makes it highly reliable and a very low-wear product, even for the most trafficked doors.
  2. AMADEO 3DS offers 100% personal profile. Unlike having to share key profiles with others, either is neighbor co-worker, due the magnificent power of binary encoding and unique keys.
  3. All AMADEO 3DS cylinders com with unique ID cards, that ensures thats keys only are handed out or produced by authorized dealers. With AMADEO 3DS is will no longer be possible to have keys produced “under the rader” regardless. The system is truly owned by the cylinder owner, and the ID card and two-way authentication in AMADEO INTEGRA SKYACCESS cloud portal is the only way to place a key cutting order. The AMADEO ID only allows certified AMADEO service center to open the AMADEO account and produce the requested key. Is done immediately  and all data of all keys ever made is audited.
  4. AMADEO 3DS has Multiple patents guarantee patent protection and thereby legal key protection. This ensures that solely AMADEO partners may manufacture and distribute keys with the personal


FreeFlex is the refrence used by AMADEO, meaning mechanical cylinders without the need of preliminary planning. Or having to change cylinders when new key holders need access. AMADEO 3DS locking system offers a much higher performance than common systems. When using the 3DS locking system, every user received only one key, regardless of how complex the locking system is. If changed are necessary, the key is simply exchanged. The new key will hold then more or fewer access grants.

The power of FreeFlex is due to the unique binary coding. A binary coded locking system consists of uniquely coded cylinders, where the cylinders fit the defined data types and codes but are not directly associated to one another (no locking plan). The codes are displayed as 0 and 1 – conventional computer language. Therefore, information can be saved on the key and can be read by the cylinders without batteries. The storage capacity of data on the key is directly related to the number of bit/bytes. Therefore, 96 bytes on the 3DS key allow 296 = 79 x 1028 = 79 octillion unique cylinders and keys.


About AMADEO Systems GmbH

AMADEO Systems is an innovative and dynamic international company that combines experience, professionalism and creativity. Our core competence is the conception and delivery of innovative solutions in Access Control Systems.


By permanently listening to the needs of the market, we offer tailored solutions for the increasing security requirements and organizational needs of our customers. The R&D team at AMADEO work continuously on the development of new products resulting in the registration of several European patents.


Our competence has been successfully proven over the years in some of the most prominent and prestigious projects. Amongst our clients are some of the most renowned brands in the hotel and hospitality, fitness and leisure, health, education and commercial sectors.


Operating worldwide, AMADEO has a lot of international project experience. In order to guarantee our customers precise, transparent and quick processes, we adhere strictly to Total Quality Management Standards.


Thanks to our expansive distribution and service network, AMADEO maintains a world-wide presence. We offer our customers a comprehensive service through the entire product life cycle on all our products – from initial contact, up to the specification, the installation and the after sales service. Our customer support hotlines are at your disposal 24/7, 365 days a year – we are here for you!

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